Datacenter in a Box provides


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Datacenter in a Box provides

Low Operation Costs

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Datacenter in a Box provides


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Our Datacenter in a Box (DiaB) provides secure
IT infrastructures to speed up the
delivery of your IT services.

Power your enterprise with turnkey IT solutions providing hardware,
software and operations from a single source.


We ensure maximum transparency in hardware selection and choice of software. By installing the Open Source software OpenStack and by implementing carefully selected hardware, we effectively minimize unauthorized backdoor communication. Additional security of your sensitive data is achieved by our security-hardened software extension.
Our DiaB operations are ISO27001 certified. We are fully GDPR compliant.


By setting up your IT infrastructure with Cloud&Heat you benefit from collaborating with one experienced partner. We accompany you during all project phases - from defining your estimated IT demand via designing your individual IT infrastructure to putting it into operation as well as supporting you with operation. With our long term SLA contracts, you can count on highly available computing resources and reliable customer service. Anywhere. Anytime.


Cloud&Heat provides the most energy-efficient server hardware in its class. By implementing water-cooled server hardware, we drastically minimize the use of air cooled components reducing your expenses for air conditioning by 97 %. This results in an overall reduction of your operation expenses of up to 30 %. Optional waste heat re-usage will result in further cost advantages. By virtualizing with OpenStack instead of proprietary providers, there will be no additional license costs.Trust the operation of our infrastructure in our hands and benefit from further cost advantages.


DiaB - The solution for state of the art IT-Infrastructures including hardware, virtualization, operation and support


  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Three-phase current connection per
    DiaB 400 V / 3 x 16 A / 10 kW
  • Recooling via heat exchanger, e. g. local heating system, buffer memory and/or external cooler
  • 3/4" pipe connection to the heating system
  • Water storage tank recommended
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  • Open Source software stack based on Linux
  • Virtualization via OpenStack on KVM-basis
  • Redundant CEPH-based storage
  • Built in firewall and network security features
  • Enforcement of encrypted and authenticated access
  • Highly available software infrastructure
  • Monitoring based on Prometheus
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  • Width x depth x height: 800 mm x1,000 mm x
    24/38/42/47 U
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Available with feet or castors
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  • Number of Server units: up to 40 blades
  • CPU: Dual socket Intel XeonBroadwell and
    Skylake up to 2x24 cores
  • RAM: up to 12 x 64 GB DDR4 ECC registered 2666 MHz up to 768 GB per blade
  • Server storage: 1 – 2 SSDs per server, up to 2x4 TB
  • Storage: up to 480 TB per rack
  • Fast, secure and reliable network design
  • Intel Software Guard Extensions (optional)
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  • Up to 9 kW heating power per cabinet
  • Inlet water temperature: up to 55 °C (higher temperature possible on request)
  • Return temperature: up to 60 °C (higher temperature on request)
  • Integrated standby cooler
  • Redundant water cooling components
  • Redundant cooling and control
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  • 19" rack – soundproof, whisperingly quiet
    & office friendly
  • Powder coated with optional glas front
  • Access protection with security lock
  • Further security features on request
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